CNSI NCF Mask Writing Application

Detailed info about the mask writing and mold fabrication services can be found here:

Notice to Applicants: Normal Turn Time is 24 to 48 Hours for In-Stock Material
After submitting your application, you will receive an email
with instructions regarding your file upload.
If you would like multiple layers in different locations:
Email the layer names and locations to maskwriting(at)cnsi(dot)ucsb(dot)edu

First Name: Last Name: Account #: 8 - - - 3
Email Address
Phone: PI/Supervisor: Dept:
File Name:2 Layer Number, ID:
CD Size:3 CD Location:
Drawing Window Size X:4 Drawing Window Size Y:
Scaling Required:5       1X 5X

Automatic Centering:6 Yes   No

Mask Polarity:7            Dark Clear

Drawing Orientation:8 Chrome Down Chrome Up

Plate Size:                   3 Inch 4 Inch 5 Inch

Plate Type:                  Soda Lime Quartz

Special Instructions:

NCF Mask Writing Guidelines
1. Acceptable file formats are: .gds, .dxf, .cif, and .gbr
2. File Name must only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
3. CDs (Critical Dimmension) less than 2um are not guaranteed. If no CD enter smallest feature in um.
4. Drawing window size: the extents of the drawing in X and Y. If clear field mask without data extent markers, please indate desired clear field area.
5. If drawn to wafer scale: 1X for Contact aligners, 5X for GCA
6. Yes: 0,0 will be shifted to the center of the data extents and the patterned area will be centered on the plate. No: 0,0 in drawing coincides with plate center.
7. Dark: Digitized areas are transparent. Clear: Digitized areas are opaque.
8. Chrome Down: Drawing placed as viewed with metal down. Chrome up: Drawing placed as viewed with metal up.

NCF Manager
Email: maskwriting (at)cnsi(dot)ucsb(dot)edu
Mailing Address: 3227 Elings Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6105

* Version 1.0