The Nanostructures Cleanroom Facility (NCF) has changed the mask ordering procedure and incorporated it into the new scheduling system FBS. In order to access the new mask order form, you first must have access to FBS. First time users, please go to the UCSB FBS portal page ( and follow the steps below:



CLICK on the FBS icon underneath "Request Access to:" This link will take you to another page where you request access for a specific facility, CLICK on the Nanostructures Cleanroom Facility and then OK in the next pop-up.


2)     FBS will then have you fill out the request form with your name and email (preferably your Network ID). Please also include your PI's name, account number and project code in the comments section.



An automated email will be sent with a link to verify your email address. Once you complete this step, the facility will approve your request and you will be able to submit your mask order.


Once you have access to the NCF scheduling system, you will be able to submit the mask order form through this website.


Access to the order form is located under the Services tab up at the top of the page. Once you click on this option, another pop-up will open and you will need to select the Available Service Order Forms to get to the Photomask Fabrication form. Once you open this form, fill in the contact and account information and necessary Order Info. Be sure to put any special instructions in the provided space. Before uploading your mask file, you must click Submit for Processing to submit your order. You can then go back to the order and upload your file in the proper format (gds, dxf, gbr, cif). After we have converted the mask, you will receive the preview for approval.